The 9 best futons of 2020 – When your house is full of people

Beautyful grey scandinavian futon

Are you looking for the best futon because you have a limited place in your house but love to invite your friends and family? Buying a futon bed is a great decision to solve accommodation problems. Futons are very easily convertible from a piece of sitting furniture to a bed. It is much more practical than an air mattress somewhere in a hidden corner. It can be a very nice design element for your home. 

Our picks

Let’s check our picks, and find your favourite among them! If you are not sure how to choose the right futon bed or need additional information for the decision, check out our complete buyer’s guide!

Aguayo Full Futon and MattressSuper high rated$$$
Regal Convertible SofaFinished back$$
Everett Loose Back Futon and MattressPuffy look$$
Leyla Convertible SofaWeight is only 63lb$$
Mendon Convertible Sofa12” thick mattress$$$
Leland Convertible SofaFaux leather upholstery$$
Mainstay Memory Foam FutonSuede upholstery available$
Stalbridge Armless Sofa BedSinuous Springs$$$
Algarve Convertible Sofa3 positions$$

“No guest is so welcome in a friend’s house that he will not become a nuisance after three days.” – Titus Maccius Plautus (254 BC – 184 BC)

Aguayo Full Futon and Mattress

Super high rated

This futon bed of Aguyago isn’t cheap but worth the investment. It has a delicate solid wood structure that is available in 2 different colors: natural and rustic wood. This material makes it durable, and you can get a long term solution for your money.

Helpful tip

Are you not sure how you will put together your futon after delivery? Check AmazonHomeServices for Futon assembly.

The design is classical; it fits in several interiors. You don’t need to worry about the color or pattern of the cover, 11 different colors and 2 patterns are available. This product is very highly rated by customers, not just because of the timeless design but the very comfortable nearly full size and 8” thick mattress too. This innerspring mattress is where the miracle happens with this piece of furniture. 

Thanks to a unique hinge system, the mattress stays in place while you’re sitting on it. This futon needs full assembly but will be worth the effort. The cover is not removable, and the manufacturer suggests to clean it with soap and water. It comes with a 1-year warranty. 

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Recommended for:
⚬ bigger people

Recommended for you, if you are:
⚬ looking for natural materials
⚬ looking for a long-term solution
⚬ preferring classical design

Aguayo Full Futon and Mattress – details

Folded up dimensions80.5” W x 33.5” D x 32.5” H
Mattress size74” W x 47” D x 8” H – nearly full size
Mattress typeinnerspring
Materialsolid wood, polyester or polyester-blend
Weight capacity500 pound

Regal Convertible Sofa

Finished back

It is a convertible sofa by name, but as we cleared in our Futon Buyer’s Guide, it can be considered as a futon since you are sitting on the same mattress that you are sleeping. It looks like a regular sofa when folded up, and it has a friendly purchase price for this look. You don’t need to sacrifice the look of your room with this item, and your friends will be grateful because they will have a great place to overnight at you. The back of this futon is finished, you don’t need to place it against the wall. It is available in 4 solid colors made from polyester. Because of the design, it could be an excellent choice for your office.

In the lying down position, it is a bit wider than a standard twin size mattress just a bit shorter. About the mattress, well it is not a very thick one, it is only 6”. It’s a pity because the weight capacity could be perfect for a bigger person, but thinner mattresses can be uncomfortable for them. But if you still like this futon, don’t worry, you can solve this problem with a beautiful topper in most cases. This mattress size could be ok for two shorter people too for a few nights.

The material of the structure is mixed; it contains wood and manufactured wood either. This sofa needs assembly upon arrival, and it is good to have a friend around because the manufacturer recommends two adults to carry out the assembly. 

The cover is not removable, so the manufacturer suggests to clean with soap and water. The arms don’t come off in a sleeping position, therefore not applicable for a high person.

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Recommended for:
⚬ heavier people (good to use and additional topper)
⚬ shorter people

Recommended for you, if you are:
⚬ preferring the sofa look

Regal Convertible Sofa – details

Folded up dimensions80.5” W x 33.5” D x 32.5” H
Mattress size70.5” W x 43” D x 6” H – bigger than the twin size
Mattress typefoam-filled
Materialsolid wood, manufactured wood, and polyester
Weight capacity600 pound

Everett Loose Back Futon and Mattress

Puffy look

This model looks more like a sofa in a folded position but still keeping the characteristics of a futon. Everett has beautiful and comfortable armrests. It can make a tiny room look cozy thanks to the puffy look and the 2 soft pillows. Grab your favorite book and get lost in a nice quiet place with it. These lovely pillows are removable. Height of the pillow is 16″ while the top width is 28″ and the bottom width is 22″. 

The mattress has a great length, and it is a bit bigger than the regular small single size. It is suitable for one 6” tall person. The mattress is a bit thin, and it is just 6” thick. It should be okay with average weight. If you are a bit heavier, consider some topper for better comfort!

This futon has 5 different colors for your choice, and all are made from polyester. The legs have a beautiful black powder-coated finish. 

Because of the size and the built-in materials, it has a friendly, affordable price. It requires assembly before the first use and comes with a 1-year warranty.

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Recommended for:
⚬ tall people, even around 6 feet
⚬ who has an average weight

Recommended for you, if you are:
⚬ those who like the cozy look
⚬ in case of limited place

Everett Loose Back Futon and Mattress – details

Folded up dimensions60″W x 33” D x 41” H
Mattress size80” W x 32” D x 6” H – bigger than the single size
Mattress typecotton batting and foam
Materialmetal, polyester
Weight capacity250 pound

Leyla Convertible Sofa

Weight is only 63lb

This model has a very modern look with a finished back and with shiny chrome legs. It is a “nice to look at it” furniture with a plus of the easy conversion possibility. Leyla provides a wide range of contemporary colors. This model is available in 7 different colors with non-removable linen covers. Complete this futon with a few throws to enhance the sofa look. Leyla has pockets on both sides for storage purposes; they could be ideal for magazines or remote control.

This model has a 7,5” foam-filled mattress in a small single size. It is suitable for 1 average size adult. 7,5” thickness is not outstanding but can be comfortable for 1-2 nights.

Weight capacity is 400 Pounds, no need to worry when 2 people are using it for sitting. As I mentioned before, the cover is not removable, and the manufacturer suggests clean with a damp cloth. It is very lightweight, only 63 lb. The purchase price is quite reasonable to get this lovely design. It needs assembly upon arrival. The warranty is 1 year on this item.

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Recommended for:
⚬ one normal size person

Recommended for you, if you are:
⚬ longing for the sofa look for a reasonable price
⚬ looking for an easily portable item

Leyla Convertible Sofa – details

Folded up dimensions56” W x 30” D x 32” H
Mattress size75” W x 30” D x 7.5” H – small single size
Mattress typefoam-filled
Materialmetal and linen
Weight capacity400 pound

Mendon Convertible Sofa

12” thick mattress

Mendon’s futon has a light gray upholstery with extra plush pillows. It has a modern and attractive look. The detachable mattress is 12” tick what is incredible when we are talking about futons! It is soft and comfortable and pleasant to sit or sleep on it. If you have quests frequently, they will be very grateful for your purchase. It looks great in any room if you are ok with the only one available light gray color. It has a price tag with a higher amount than an average futon used to have, but it is not an average futon in case of the comfort factor. 

The 12” thick foam-filled mattress is nearly as big as a standard full-size mattress just a bit shorter. It is very soft and comfortable to sleep on it. It has a cover made from microfiber, which is not removable. You can clean it with water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner. The back of the sofa is covered with black cloth. It’s ok because the structure which is made from metal is hidden and protected from dust. It means too that it is not a complete finished back, so it is better to stand it against the wall.

After you open the box, it requires some assembly. It is easy to put together but needs 2 people. When you are ready, you can convert the futon to a bed by pushing the back panel forward until it lies flat.

Weight capacity is 300 Pounds, and it needs some attention because it can cause damage if two bigger people use it.

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Recommended for:
⚬ 2 normal size people
⚬ 1 bigger person

Recommended for you, if you are:
⚬ looking for modern design
⚬ preferring cozy-looking

Mendon Convertible Sofa – details

Folded up dimensions70.5” W x 36” D x 35” H
Mattress size70.5” W x 49” D x 12” H – nearly as big as the normal full-size
Mattress typefoam-filled
Materialmetal and microfiber
Weight capacity300 pound

Leland Convertible Sofa

Faux leather upholstery

Leland looks much more like a futon than a sofa instead of its name. It looks stylish and puffy and appears durable. It is super soft and bumpy. Maybe it is a bit too bumpy for sleeping, but it depends on your preference. If you choose this model, you have to say goodbye to the armrest because the sides do not fold.

The futon is crafted from manufactured wood with a vinyl type of faux leather upholstery. The cover is detached, and you couldn’t wash it in a washing machine. There is a slight compromise when you look at the color palette. Only 2 colors are available: black and brown. 

The size of the mattress is somewhere in the middle between twin and full size, but a bit shorter than a regular mattress. This size is okay for one adult or two kids to sleep comfortably. It is 9” thick and filled with standard foam to provide a relaxing night to you or your guest.

It is easy to assemble, but have a power screwdriver at your hand when screwing. To change from sofa mode to the lying one pull the couch back forward and then lean it back. This model has an impressive 500-pound weight capacity, it can be used as a sofa for 2-3 people without any concern. It comes with a 90 days warranty.

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Recommended for:
⚬ 1 bigger, heavier person
⚬ 2 kids

Recommended for you, if you are:
⚬ looking for stylish design
⚬ preferring faux leather

Leland Convertible Sofa – details

Folded up dimensions72.5” W x 36” D x 36.25” H
Mattress size70” W x 45” D x 9” H – bigger than the twin size
Mattress typestandard foam-filled
Materialmanufactured wood and faux leather
Weight capacity500 pound

Mainstay Memory Foam Futon

Suede upholstery available

This model has a sophisticated modern look, and it can be a perfect design element in any room. The color palette is tiny, but the available colors are different enough to find one that fits in your interior. There are 3 colors which you can choose from Blue and Camel with suede fabric, Black with faux leather upholstery. Covers couldn’t be removed, but faux leather is effortless to keep clean.

The futon has armrests on both sides that can be folded. It is made from wood and has nice durable metal legs.

The mattress is bigger than twin size, just a little bit short. That means it can accommodate 1 adult or 2 teenagers. The filling is memory foam and recycled foam. Memory foam should provide exceptional support and comfort; unfortunately, this model has a thin mattress attached. Even if you are a normal-sized guy, it is great to have an additional topper around for more comfort.

Assembly will be a piece of cake; you just need to put the legs on the place. When opening the box, do not panic; you will find the legs and Allen wrench inside the bed itself. Once it is ready to use, it can be converted from a sofa to a bed in seconds. Just pull it forward until it releases then fold it down till the lying position.

Weight capacity is outstanding, 600 Pounds. That means 2-3 people can sit on it comfortably without causing any damage to your furniture.

The price tag is impressive; it is one of the cheapest models on the market. You do not need to make a significant investment to make the rest of your guests better.

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Recommended for:
⚬ people with normal height

Recommended for you, if you are:
⚬ value seeker
⚬ preferring to sleep hot
⚬ looking for an easy clean material

Mainstay Memory Foam Futon – details

Folded up dimensions71.65″ W x 33.46″ D x 32.48″ H
Mattress size72″ W x 42.5″ D x 16.5″ H – bigger than the twin size
Mattress typememory foam
Materialwood and suede or faux leather
Weight capacity600 pound

Stalbridge Armless Sofa Bed

Sinuous Springs

This model is a lovely 3-1 convertible sofa. It is armless that makes this piece of furniture look modern and sophisticated. It is suitable to be a focus item for your room. In the folded-up position, three adults can use it comfortably. As the manufacturer said, and I tend to agree, it is designed for maximum comfort and function.

5 different colors are available for your choice; the material of all is a linen blend. The cover is not removable. You can keep it clean with a damp cloth.

Say some words about the structure that was designed for maximum comfort. The frame made from solid and manufactured wood. The legs are black and made from solid wood, and the sitting area is constructed with sinuous springs. You won’t feel the wooden or metal bars under your back during your slumber. The cushions are foam filled. In bed mode, you will get a lying surface equivalent to a twin size mattress. It has a high 600 Pound weight capacity. You do not need to worry about offering it for anybody to sleep. 

It requires adult assembly, but it will be quick and easy. The product itself is not a heavy one, it is 94 lb. The click-clack feature guarantees that the sofa stays in a chair position. This model has a very practical and very well usable function, it has 3 positions. It can be converted into a sofa, a reclined bed, and a flatbed. The reclined back feature is very useful, you can use it for reading, playing video games, or just having a short nap during the day.

In the case of price, this convertible sofa is among the more expensive ones. The excellent design, the sinuous spring solution, and the additional reclined bed function, can be worth your investment.

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Recommended for:
⚬ 1 bigger person

Recommended for you, if you are:
⚬ looking for great design
⚬ preferring natural materials
⚬ need a reclined bed function

Stalbridge Armless Sofa Bed – details

Folded up dimensions72” W x 35,5 D x 32,3 H
Mattress sizeequivalent to a twin size bed
Mattress typefoam-filled
Materialsolid and manufactured wood, linen blend
Weight capacity600 pound

Algarve Convertible Sofa

3 positions

Algarve convertible sofa is excellent to complete a clean and modern look. It comes without armrests to increase modern design. Button tufting provides a unique look for this item. It is sitting quite low to the floor; it is perfect if you are looking for a lounge look.

This futon is available in 2 colors, black and ivory. Both covers are made from faux leather. It means the cover is not removable or washable, but very easy to keep it clean with damp clothes. Even the back of the sofa is covered with faux leather. This finished back makes it possible to place the futon anywhere in the room, not just against the wall.

The frame is made of metal and plywood and comes in black color. The legs have a chrome metallic design.

Mattress size is equal to a small twin size, 1 person can use it comfortably for sleeping. It is foam filled and just 6,5 “ thick; despite all these, the mattress is comfortable for a futon. With the 600 pounds weight capacity shouldn’t be any problem during regular use.

Assembly is required before the first use. When it is ready, 3 positions are available: sofa mode, reclined back mode, and flatbed mode. In the folded-up position, the angle of the back of the seat is 110 degrees. It can be lowered to 140 degrees. Of course, in bed mode, you get an utterly flat-lying surface with a 180-degree angle.

There is a 1-year warranty on this item. If you look at the price tag, you will find an affordable price for this piece of furniture. For this amount of money, it has impressive stability, a nice cover material that is easy to care for, and a 3 way convertible back for maximum comfort.

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Recommended for:
⚬ 1 person

Recommended for you, if you are:
⚬ looking for a lounge look
⚬ preferring faux leather
⚬ would like to accommodate 1 person

Algarve Convertible Sofa – details

Folded up dimensions69” W x 32.5” D x 27.5” H
Mattress size69” W x 32.5” D x 6.5” H – small single
Mattress typefoam-filled
Materialmanufactured wood and metal, faux leather
Weight capacity600 pound

Closing thoughts and my favorite

I’m glad if you liked this post about the best futons and it helps you to find the right one that fits your needs! Finally, let me share my favorite. My pick would be Mendon Convertible Sofa. I’m impressed by the coziness and style of this futon. The color is excellent, with some accessories such as throws and blankets, it is a very versatile item. It could fit in a girl’s room, but even the playroom of a boy too. The 12” thick mattress is outstanding among futons.

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