Morning rituals to complete in the evening for successful days

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Everybody talks about the importance of a morning routine. You can find tons of posts online about successful people’s morning rituals and how you should start your day to exploit all the opportunities of a single day. Morning rituals’ purpose is to make your day as successful as productive as possible and supporting you to stay focused and calm. But a successful and effective day begins not when you open your eyes in the morning but the evening before. Evenings are not just about traveling home, browsing some movie stream while eating your dinner, then heading to bed. A perfectly choreographed evening can increase the chance to have a perfect day tomorrow. What steps can support your coming day, and which ones can you accomplish already in the evening? Let’s have a look at them!

Finishing work

Everyone who is working should know when and how to finish it, and if you are not a son of fortune or a millionaire’s daughter, you most likely work every day of the week. This point is a bit a sort of thyme egg, among the other points. Indeed, you will stop working sometime in the evening before you go to sleep, so it is something you have to do in the evening instead of the morning. But it is essential to understand the difference between stopping working or finishing it.

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If you stop working, your thoughts can’t stop. You keep thinking about work the whole night, which can ruin your rest. Instead of stopping the work, decide what time you will finish working.

If you decided to walk away from your desk at 6 PM, start your day closing ritual at 5:55 PM. Organize your desk while you are organizing your thoughts as well. On a piece of paper, write down the 2-3 most important tasks you would like to complete at the beginning of your following working day, and place them in the middle of your desk. That will help to close down your day and set up the priorities for the coming one. You will walk into the office or sit down in your home office to work more enthusiastically if you know where to start. This trick will eliminate morning procrastination too. You will know what to do first, and you can start your day in an effective mood.

Hitting the gym

Most of us schedule the gym or other exercises at the beginning of the day as part of the morning rituals. But why can’t you do it in the evening? Morning gym routine takes a lot of time in the early hours, and you need to get up before the first sunlight to have enough time for it. 


During the day, your body temperature is the highest between 2 PM and 6 PM, so this is the timeframe when you can accomplish the most effective workouts.

Instead, hit the gym the way home after work. You might feel tired, but exercising can release a lot of energy you can use for the rest of the day. You will also sleep much better and deeper after exercise; do not schedule it too close to bedtime. Let your body some time to calm down. Most of all, you will wake up more energized after an active night.

Making decisions

You can waste a lot of your precious energy right after waking up by making too many decisions. You don’t have to think of big things just, for example:

  • when to leave to be on time for an appointment
  • when to go to the gym
  • what to wear
  • where to eat
  • who will get up the kids and take them to the violin class 

and so on. These tasks are not complicated but can take a lot of time and energy right after opening your eyes. You will be easily frustrated while settling everything.

Instead, try to make all these small decisions before you go to bed: 

  • Check the weather online, and prepare your clothes out for the next day. Do you have kids, prepare theirs too.
  • Know precisely which bus you have to take, or when you would like to leave your garage
  • Decide if you will eat and drink a coffee at home or do it during an early appointment.

If you can get rid of this mental clutter, you will feel more relaxed and can aim for other essential tasks with your brainpower.


If you don’t have any plan, what will you execute? It is clear for most of us, but most likely, you sit down in the kitchen in the morning with your coffee and try to put together the bits and pieces of your ideas about what and when to do during the day. It is not the best approach. 

Instead, it would be best not to go to bed till you have not planned your following day. Setting up priorities before bedtime will help you to make the most of your coming day.

plan your day

List 3-4 priorities for the next day about the tasks you would like to complete. You will feel much more focused in the morning if you have a ready plan for the whole day!

Carefully, do not overestimate your time and possibilities. Plan just that amount that you can accomplish! So if you plan to meet one friend for a coffee, organize your closet, and pay the bills, do not try to do the monthly shopping to fill the pantry because you will fail. At the end of the day, you will feel satisfied yourself if you thicked all of the tasks you have planned! You will give up planning in the short run if you are continually disappointed because of tons of uncompleted tasks.

Deciding on meal choices

Most of us stand before the pantry or the open fridge and try to decide what to eat in the morning. Or only realize that the bread is in the freezer, you would like to have an omelet, but you are short on eggs, and so on. You get easily frustrated, and again, you are just wasting your energy right in the morning. I’m sure it is not one of the morning rituals that make your day better.

Instead, try to decide on your breakfast in the evening before you go to bed. Check if you have all the ingredients at home and if it is available easily.

choose your meal

That way, you can automatize making breakfast, no need to waste your brainpower.

If you like the idea to plan and prepare your breakfast, you can do the same for your lunch. If you tend to take the lunch from home or are currently in a home office and cook for yourself, prepare or even finish the lunch for tomorrow. You can save much productive time during your working day if you grab your pre-prepared meal and eat it instead of thinking, shopping, and cooking it.

Preparing your bag

Where is my car key? Where is my badge? Do I have my notes for the meeting with the clients? Do I have the samples for the appointment with the customers? Familiar to you? These are the questions you ask yourself every morning before you can leave for work. Stressful, right? Do you need such morning rituals?

Instead of asking these questions every morning, prepare your bag in the evening. While making decisions for tomorrow and planning your next day is ideal for putting everything in your working bag, you will need your coming day. Packing your bag while you are thinking over your day guarantees that you will have everything with you. Leave some space for your pre-prepared lunch as well, and with one move, put it in your bag before you leave. When you walk out the door, you grab your ready bag and go.

prepare your bag

To summarize

Your mornings will be more successful and manageable if you complete some morning rituals already in the evening. You can start your day with a lot of energy liberated and not wasted for frustrating small decisions and to-dos.

Remember that evening is always for fun with friends and family, calming down, and relaxing. Try to make these routines as automatized as possible to save time for special activities and enjoy your evenings. Also essential to keep up a healthy bedtime routine and follow some rules to guarantee a night of relaxing sleep. Sleep is vital for successful days. All the others will support you to get the most of your days.

How do you organize your evenings? Do you have any other ideas to help each other? Please share with us! 

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