How to find the best bed? – Top tips for choosing one for better sleep

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At least once in a lifetime, everyone is facing the difficulty of choosing the perfect bed frame. Even if you already have the right mattress, you can’t put it just on the bare floor. You will need an excellent-looking, professional bed frame picked by your taste and your available budget. In this post, I will go through all the important criteria to make the right decision to purchase the best bed. You will learn about size and picking the perfect size, height, material, different types through mattress supporting options until you will find the ideal bed for yourself.

What is a bed frame?

Generally, the bed frame is a scaffolding that will hold your mattress and additional support, be it a box spring or slats. It sounds simple. It can be just a pure metal or wood stand to provide support for your box spring or can be a piece of much complex furniture with exceptional design. A sophisticated frame can have an integrated head- and footboard, and side rails. A correctly chosen bed frame can be a focal point of your bedroom, complete its look, and be not just a place where you can sleep tight but can be an excellent storage place.

How do you know that you need to replace your bed frame?

Some facts from that you will know that you need to change your bed frame as soon as possible:

  • You just had the best night’s sleep, but not in your bed.
  • The mattress is sinking because of an uneven or sagging base.
  • You discover any broken slats, or any of the fixing is missing, twisted, or loose.
  • There are cracks or splits on the material, which means that your bed can be dangerous. 
  • However, you changed the mattress; you still don’t have the desired support.
  • Strange noises, crunching or creaking, is disturbing you while you are sleeping.
  • The bed does not look great anymore; it damaged, looks used, or old.
  • You have a new mattress, but it doesn’t fit in your current bed.


Do you feel lazy about making your bed every day? You can enjoy the advantages of this laziness. Dust mites thrive in a warm and moist place better. So, if you skip your morning routine and let your bedding touch the fresh air, it will be cleaner and healthier.

Most common bed size options

Bed frame sizes can vary a bit because of the design. Headboard, footboard, and side rails do not have the same size with different styles. The sizes listed here (and usually listed at every other place) refer to the size of the mattress that the frame can accommodate.

7 different mattress sizes are prevalent and very often used; let’s see how small or big they are.

NameWidth (in)Length (in)
Twin XL3980
Full XL5480
California King7284

Later on, we will go into the details to determine which size fits your needs the most.

Different types of beds

The design options nowadays are endless, and almost everything can be purchased what you can imagine. Canopy bed, sleight bed, industrial styled one, classical designed, and modern with a clean look. Choose a design that fits most of your bedroom’s look. Behind the design possibilities, let me introduce you to the different types of beds.

“Late to bed and late to wake will keep you long on money and short on mistakes.” – Aaron McGruder

Platform bed

A platform bed, rarely called a cabin bed, includes a raised, horizontal, usually rectangular solid frame made from wood or metal. This frame has built-in flexible slats to provide comprehensive support to the mattress. These flexible slats give the perfect ventilation and base for the mattress; therefore, you won’t need a box spring.

Storage bed, divan, and ottoman beds

Researches already pointed out that in a messy room, people sleep worse. Also, I think we can agree that an untidy bedroom is not welcoming at all. Storage beds provide an excellent opportunity to make your room clean and tidy.

There are ottoman-type storage beds or those that have a built-in drawer. You should choose a drawer-style one if you are going to need the stuff stored in it frequently.

Divan – With a simple term, a divan is a base made of wood with a matching mattress on the top. The wooden base is upholstered with some fabric, and that base often has some storage space such as drawers. These additional storage spaces will help you to keep the room clutter-free.

Choosing a divan bed is a wise decision to save some space in a small room because the mattress size matches the size of the base exactly. No side rails or footboards require additional space. Ottoman bed – These types have a gas-lift hydraulic to lift the base. Under the support, you will find a huge storage place almost as big as the whole bed’s size. Different opening options are available. Choose what most fits your need and the usable space in the bedroom. They can open from the longer side or the foot side of the bed, either.

Trundle bed

A trundle bed is a small bed that can be stored underneath under the other bed. It gives the possibility to have an additional bed, for example, in your kid’s room. Keep in mind that the guest bed sits lower than the main bed; however, lift options are available nowadays to get a bigger, leveled sleeping area when it is open.

Bunk bed

To define it as simple as I can, a bunk bed is a bed with 2 or more beds build up on top of each other. They save some space, and kids usually love them. You can find bunk beds in kid’s rooms, hostels, ships, or even in summer camps.

Loft bed

An alternative to a bunk bed is the loft bed. It is a bed elevated from the floor, free up space under the sleeping area. You can use this newly received space to place a desk there, create a beautiful reading area, or enjoy the new area to play with your kid.

How to buy a bed frame? – Examine your possibilities carefully

Now you learned all the details that you need to know about beds. But how to decide which one fits your needs exactly? Go through the aspects that need to be considered before you make your final decision.

Your budget

The first task is to determine the budget that you can spend on a new bed. Calculate not just with the frame’s price but with the support and mattress costs too. If you change to a different size, you will need a new topper and sheets. You will also spend some money on them. 

There is nothing wrong with having a strict budget. Every penny you don’t spend on a frame, you can use it for any other necessities such as groceries or other pieces of furniture. If you decide on the budget first, you can avoid falling in love with a luxurious item that you can’t afford.

Extra tip – If you still want to get a higher quality product that your budget allows, try to get them on a big sale, such as a Black Friday Deal.

Your space

Walk into the bedroom and measure it. You can draw it down if it is easier for you to imagine the interior that way. Think about every piece of furniture you would like to place in the bedroom. Do you need a wardrobe? Dressers? Bedside tables? Television stand? Dressing table? Shelves? Hangers? Armchair? Measure all the required items and “put” them in the room. How much space remained for your bed? Get as big as you can, but keep in mind that you will need ca. 20 inches between the frame and the other items to walk it around easily.

Don’t forget the bedroom’s accessibility; be sure that you can go through with the bed on the doors and that it will be enough space at the staircase.

Extra tip – If it is hard for you to imagine how much space your frame will occupy, decide its future place and mark the bed’s dimensions on the floor with measure tapes or with some pillows.

The mattress size

At the previous point, we defined the size of the frame that will fit in your room. Now we should figure out the size of the lying surface that you require. The two dimensions are not necessarily the same. You might need a bigger sleeping area than the bed’s dimension you can put in the room. Remember, a sofa bed, a trundle bed, or a bunk bed can effectively extend the sleeping surface.

Think who will use the bed. An ideal mattress is 5-6 inches longer than the tallest user. Figure out the size where you have enough space to move and won’t disturb each other during sleep. A simple double bed in everyday use can be small for a couple. If it is possible, go for a bigger option. If you are single and are sleeping alone, try to avoid a twin bed and go for a full or double one for maximal comfort.

Extra tip – Do you have children, or expecting the first one? Go for the biggest option you can afford! I’m not kidding. Have you ever tried to sleep in the same bed with one or two children? You can’t have a mattress big enough for that.

The height of the bed

We use a bed frame and a box spring to lift the mattress to a certain level. But what should be this level? The bed’s ideal height can depend on many circumstances, your age, height, and even on your medical condition. Generally, we can say that you have a bed with a perfect height when you are sitting on the edge of the mattress with your feet touching the floor, and your hip and knees are in the same line. If your feet can’t touch the floor in this position, your bed is too high. If your knees are higher than your hip, your bed is too low.

There can be another approach to determine the required height. In some cases, you don’t care what should be ideal for getting the maximal comfort, and you pick that fits best in the design of your room. The best would be to find a balance between design and comfort needs.

Your style

When you would like to fit any new furniture in your design, there are several questions you should answer before your purchase:

  • What is the style of your bedroom or your entire house? Is it modern, coastal, contemporary, classical, retro, eclectic, or something else?
  • What is the color of your wall or the rest of the furniture?
  • Will it match with other design elements such as tiles, carpets, or curtains?
  • Are you environmentally conscious? Consider the used materials and if they can be recycled.
  • Will you place it in direct sunlight? It can cause the fading of certain materials.
  • Is it easy to clean? 

The headboard and footboard are essential parts of the design of a frame. 

When you are picking a headboard, you should think about how much space you have. A high headboard can look fabulous in a bigger room with a high ceiling, but a tiny room will look even smaller. If you have limited space, it is smarter to choose a lower headboard. Think about how you will use your bed. Will you watch television on it? Would you like to read in bed? For these activities, an upholstered board could be more comfortable. 

Are you not sure if you need a footboard? There are many advantages of a footboard, but it has its disadvantages also. Frame with a footboard is challenging to fit in a modern design or uncomfortable for a taller person, and making the bed is more complicated. However, a footboard helps keep the bedding in place. It is perfect for breaking up big spaces and gives a finished look.

Extra tip – Are you working on a new bedroom design, or are you in the middle of a complete makeover? It is worth working together with an interior designer or using some designing tools.

The material

The material of the bed frames can be different. You can choose from 3 prevalent options: wood, metal, and upholstered frame. It depends mostly on your preferences, which one you will favor.

Wood is a traditional material, people many years ago making beds from it. Among the several types, finishing techniques, and colors, you definitely will find the desired type and style. Wood frames are easy to care about; wipe them with damp clothes. Wooden frames most likely will creak and squeak over time because of the aging of the wood.

Metal frames are trendy, and this fame is just growing. A metal frame can provide a fresh, clean, and modern look. If you are into the industrial style, it is a must to complete your interior. A metal frame is a long-lasting investment. These frames usually have impressive weight capacity, are very resilient, and are also easy to clean. 

Upholstered beds are usually made from plywood covered with fabric, e.g., leather, faux leather, suede, or velvet. Design options are endless with buttons, stitching, forms, colors, and materials. They look elegant, sophisticated and can have extra padding for additional comfort. Maintenance can be a bit more complicated, and you should use it with care to keep its beautiful look for a longer period.


“Sleep tight”! Do you hear or say it almost every night? Did you ever wonder what it means? Some think that we should look for the answer in the 19th century. Those days ropes were stretched across the bed frame to support a feather bed. So it might refer to these lattices of ropes that have to be tightened to sleep well.

The support of the mattress

Bed frames provide or require different support for your mattress. The type of support you will need depends on the structure of the frame, your needs, and the regulations of your mattress manufacturer. Some mattress manufacturers specify the type of support to honor the warranty.

Box spring

Box springs traditionally contained springs to provide a firm but flexible support for the mattress. Nowadays, most of them no more include these springs. They are just a box made from plywood and upholstered with some fabric. Mattresses get so complex by the time that box spring has not much to do. But still, a box spring is a great way to adjust the height of the bed. Standard box springs are about 9 inches high, while a low profile one is about 4-5 inches tall.

Bunkie board

A box spring alternative is called the bunkie board. These boards are just 1-2 inches tall and are made from particleboard or plywood. They can provide support for the mattress but won’t elevate the bed unnecessarily.


Slats are boards that go across the bed under your mattress. They can be connected, can be flexible or fixed. The space of these slats can be different. Mattress manufacturers often state among the conditions of warranty how far these slats should be from each other. Beds with slats usually are lower than beds with a box spring. So if you like the contemporary style, it will be a great choice. If you are low on space while maneuvering to the bedroom, slats will be great too. They need much less space than a regular box spring.


Platform beds providing a solid base to your mattress. Note that platform bed is also a looking (style) name, and some platform style beds have slats rather than a solid surface.


If you liked this post, you could access its information; the infographic below contains all the practical info.

Closing thoughts

With this brief but hopefully full guide, I wish you good luck in picking the perfect bed frame! Once you find the ideal one tell me your story. How did you get to discover it? Tell me what drove you to the final decision. 

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