How to buy a mattress online? – 9 tips to succeed

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Do you need to buy a new mattress and would like to purchase that mattress online? Read our top tips to make a thoughtful and confident decision and avoid online mattress shopping drawbacks.

In this post, I’ll touch briefly on the most common mattress types, the top online brands, trial and warranty periods, and I give guidance to create a proper place for your new mattress. Also, it will summarize the advantages and disadvantages if you decide to buy a mattress online.

9 best tips to buy a mattress online

Nowadays we can change old fashioned shopping habits, and go online. This online shopping is no different with mattresses; bed-in-a-box companies offer a wide range of excellent mattresses with trial periods at competitive prices. Ok, but how can you buy a mattress online without trying it out? In this post, I’ll give you some guidance to make the best decision. 

Follow these essential tips and buy the best mattress online:

  • Decide the type of mattress you need
  • Browse the site of the top online brands
  • Set up your budget
  • Get familiar with the trial period and warranty
  • Read reviews and ask around
  • Check shipping details
  • Search for coupons and deals
  • Check your frame or foundation
  • Take care of your old mattress

Let’s see the tips one by one to make everything clear.

Decide the type of mattress you need

The aim is to find the material and firmness level to satisfy your needs and lead to relaxing nights without any pain and discomfort.

Characteristics of mattresses by material

Manufacturers produce mattresses of different materials because they all have their characteristics and support different sleeping styles and needs. 

  • Innerspring – This type has a coil-based support system and a few other comfort layers. They have a bouncier, supportive, and firm feeling usually.
  • Memory foam – This material reflects slowly on movements and provides a hugging well contouring feel since you sink into the mattress instead of lying on the top of it.
  • Latex – It is an organic option that provides a bouncy feel. Thanks to the excellent airflow, it is a temperature-neutral mattress type.
  • Gel-infused foam – Gel is infused into the foam to make it naturally cooler. The feel of gel-infused memory foam is slightly different from pure memory foam.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid mattresses are combining innerspring mattresses and foam mattresses. They have an innerspring support layer and a 2-3 inch thick memory or latex foam comfort layer on the top. They tend to be an ideal combination of strong support and a hugging, cozy feel. 

For more details, particular types, and all the different materials’ advantages, you can check our Buyers Guide about the most prevalent mattress types.

Find the perfect fit for your sleeping position

Most people have a favorite posture how they spend most of the night. In general, we can speak about side sleepers, back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and combo sleepers. To learn more about sleeping positions check out our post about the best sleeping positions.

  • Side sleepers – For side sleepers, a body contour option will be the best comforting. They will need pressure relief around the hip and shoulder area to avoid pain developing during the night rest. That will mean if you are a side sleeper, you should go for a softer option.
  • Back sleepers – You should look for a mattress to provide an ideal alignment for your body. If a mattress is too soft, it lets your hips sink too deep into the mattress that will lead to lower back pain. A firm one will prevent reaching a relaxed state by generating unnecessary tension in the shoulder and the back. As a back sleeper, you should go for a medium-firm option.
  • Stomach sleepers – It is best to find a mattress that can distribute your body’s weight evenly and is not too soft to let you sink in deeply because it will result in lower back pain. What you are looking for is a firm mattress that can lift your hips to the level of your shoulders.
  • Combo sleepers – If you are changing your sleeping position continuously and not stick to one of them, you will need a mattress with a little of everything. A mattress that could provide you the necessary support, the ideal alignment and the desired comfort is a medium-firm mattress.

For further guidance to find the ideal mattress for yourself, check out our detailed buyers’ guide about finding the perfect mattress.

Browse the site of the top online brands

Now you know what kind of mattress will be the best for you. To get an idea of what possibilities you have, browse the sites of top online bed-in-a-box brands. Set up a list of mattresses you like, compare the services and features of each company.

See here listed a couple of great online mattress brands to consider:

Set up your budget

Now you know what type of mattress you need and are familiar with the tops brands’ offers. It is time to set up a budget, a limit that allows you to spend just that amount of money you can afford. In an ideal world, you have the list of features you need for your investment in your mind. Fortunately, the mattress market is packed with deals, and you can get an excellent product at a fair price with a bit of searching and patience.

Get familiar with the trial period and warranty

Nobody thinks that everybody can make such a big decision with blind eyes without any trial. With research and studying of materials and your sleep habits, you can make the best decision. But, you will lay on your new mattress just when it arrives at your home. Despite a lot of research, it still can happen that you are not satisfied with your purchase. That is normal, and no need to worry about it. Most of the bed-in-a-box brands offer at least a 100-night trial period with the possibility of a return with a full refund. Some brands extend it to an entire year so that you can test your mattress in any weather condition. Do not forget to check if the return is free of charge for sure.

woman buys mattress online

Before you buy any mattress online, be sure that you understand the terms of the warranty. That way, you can avoid ending up with a declined warranty claim because you used not the correct type of foundation, for example. 

Read reviews and ask around

Since you can’t test the desired mattress yourself before the purchase, read reviews from those who already bought the mattress. Read not just one but a couple. The feel of comfort is a personal preference and intensely subjective, so one opinion is never enough for the complete picture. It is even possible to leave the brand’s site and look at reviews elsewhere on the internet. On-hand reviews of content sites also can guide you better than the pure list of specifications.

Moreover, you can ask around your family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers what experiences they have with different mattresses. Try to get as much personal information as you can.

Check shipping details

Be sure that you are familiar with the brand’s shipping conditions. In most cases, the shipping to your door is free, except to Hawaii and Alaska. Free delivery can mean that the parcel men drop the box at your door. Will you be able to carry it to your bedroom? The weight of a mattress could be significant. It is best to check how the delivery works or ask for help upon the new mattress’s arrival.

Some brands and retailers offer white-glove service to carry the mattress to your bedroom and install it while taking care of your old mattress. Of course, this service has an additional fee.

Search for coupons and deals

The most significant advantage of buying a mattress online is that it has a very competitive price, not just because of the lack of a showroom’s cost but because of big deals and online coupons. Browse the review sites besides the pages of the brands and watch for a sale. Using this advantage, you can purchase a higher-quality mattress within your previously determined budget.

We also collected deals and coupons from top sleep brands to try to save you some money. Check the currently available deals.

Check your frame or foundation

This point seems obvious, but it is still essential, and you can’t ignore it. Be sure that you check out the correct size, and a Queen size mattress will require a Queen size foundation, and so on. Also, the height of the mattress could be critical. Check if that height looks good in your current frame, it should be too high, but neither too low.

The type of support is essential too. Some brands, mainly for memory foam mattresses, tell you the minimum distance between the slats in the foundation you should use. Sometimes, it is best to use a bunkie board or the brand’s support system if there are any available to avoid warranty issues.

Take care of your old mattress

Finally, if you arranged everything, you still have to do something with your old mattress. Except for the previously mentioned white-glove services, online mattress brands won’t take away your old mattress upon delivering the new one. So it is your business to take care of it. If you have some spare space, I suggest keeping the old one till you are entirely sure that your new mattress suits your expectations. Otherwise, you will stay without a sleeping place if you have to send back your new mattress.

Pros and Cons of buying a mattress online

From the above points, it is visible that buying a mattress online has drawbacks but many advantages too. Read them summarized so you can decide if online shopping is meant for you or let someone else do so, and you stick to the old-fashioned showroom purchase.

man buys mattress online

Benefits of buying a mattress online

  • Buying a mattress online is cheaper – Online brands can keep the prices low because they don’t have to spend on a brick-and-mortar store’s overhead. Buying a mattress online can sometimes be 50 percent cheaper than buying a similar one in a shop.
  • You can review the entire specifications – The bed-in-a-box brands, playing with open cards, and listing all the product specifications on their website. If you would like to collect this information in a showroom, it could be much more complicated or impossible.
  • There is no frustrating salesperson – Buying a mattress is an intimate thing. It could be frustrating to do it before the watching eyes of the salesperson. Online you won’t feel the urge to buy something and the need to make a quick decision.
  • Place your order anytime and anywhere – Buying a mattress online is a 24/7 business; you don’t need to watch the opening hours of a specific store and adapt your whole daily schedule to buy a mattress.
  • You get an extended trial period instead of a 10 minutes rest – In a  brick-and-mortar store, you can try the mattress, but just for a few minutes before the eyes of a salesperson, that cannot compare to whole night sleep. The online brand will provide you an extended trial period to decide if you like the mattress or not.
  • Delivery is free  – Unlike the stores that usually charge you with the delivery fee, online brands mainly ship free of charge. However, keep in mind that this free delivery will mean just dropping the boy at your porch or lobby.
  • You can enjoy an easy return process – It is because, in most cases, you don’t need to return the mattress. The company will send a donation center to pick it up.

Drawbacks of purchasing a mattress online

  • You can’t try the mattress before the purchase – This is the most obvious con of buying a mattress online that you can decide if you like it just when it arrives at your place. A few online brands already have showrooms, so you can test the desired mattress and still enjoy the trial period if you are nearby.
  • You need to get rid of your old mattress – Free delivery with external partners like UPS means that they won’t take away your old mattress. It is something you need to solve, in many cases, for an additional cost.
  • Research needs to be done by you – In a store, there is a salesperson you can ask from. Online, if you would like to succeed, you need to do the hard work by yourself. Of course, brands maintain customer services via phone, live chat, or social media to ask your questions.
  • Buying from a not classified seller – There are still grey areas of the online market. If you skip buying from the brand’s official site, be prudent and make sure that you are buying from a classified seller. You can verify with the brand’s customer service if a seller is classified or not.

The bottom line

Buying a mattress online is challenging, but it is in person too. You can find the information on the internet to make the best decision don’t be lazy to do your homework! Read, compare, and search for the best deals! 

Did you find your ideal mattress? Was the first one perfect? Share your story and the lessons you learned with is a comment!

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