Enjoy the softest hug you ever felt – The 7 Best Faux Fur blanket choices of 2021

beautyful faux fur

Throw blankets are not just for long winter nights. Lounging on your porch and watching the stars while enjoying the precious company of your loved one is invaluable. Besides chunky knit throws, knitted, or sherpa blankets, a faux fur blanket is a lovely and warm option to get comfy.


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Faux fur – What is it and how to care?

It must be transparent regarding faux fur blankets, the material is free from animal products, and no animal is harmed during faux fur production. So these items are just imitating real, organic fur. Some of them look like the pelt of an animal, but these products are synthetic ones too. Others have gorgeous colors that never can occur in nature. 

So faux fur, if you like, is a scam; it is fake fur. Most common is a knitted, synthetic fabric made of a blend of polyester and acrylic. Some other techniques can be applied during faux fur production, and they can even be infused with cotton or wool.

You’ve got your soft and lovely, fluffy blanket, but the question is valid: How to keep it clean and take care of it? The best starting point to check the tag is not to ruin your new favorite throw. You will find some symbols to guide you about water temperature, tumbling, and anything essential info. 


Are you constantly struggling with washing symbols just like me? Check this helpful guide to make everything clean and smooth.

How to wash a faux fur blanket – best practices

Besides following the tag’s guidance, you can use some thumb rules regarding faux fur washing:

  • Machine washing – Place it separately in the washing machine and turn it inside out if it is possible. Coldwater with a delicate cycle does minor damage. Gently remove the fur right after the program is finished, shake it fluffy and lay it down to dry and form into its original shape and dimension.
  • Hand washing – Use lukewarm or cold water with mild laundry soap that is appropriate for hand washing. Instead of sinking all of it, spot clean the item, then dry it lying down in its original shape.
  • Dry cleaning – If you spent a more significant amount of money on a faux fur blanket, the safest option is to take it to a dry cleaner you trust. Over there, they have all the expertise to save your throw in the best condition.

After washing it, air dry the faux fur because excessive heat can shrink the threads. Help the blanket dry, fluff it, and brush it gently with a pet care brush.

Our picks – Top rated faux fur blanket choices of the year

Now you know much more about faux fur. Just pick one of these exceptional items and enjoy all the comfort it provides you. You will find various items from budget options to high-end products, natural fur-like designs, and bright, trendy colors. 

Thomas Collection – Ivory Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This blanket is a breathtaking high-end product that is handmade in the US. No one can ignore this blanket if they can see it on a bed or thrown on the armrest of a couch. The manufacturer makes every item per order, and you can ask for a sample. The blanket imitates the pelt of a Tibet fox and has a lovely ivory grey color. Size selection is nearly endless. You can choose from a small throw size up to a King-size bedspread size on a wide range. There won’t be significant issues with shedding, and you won’t experience a strange smell either.

Check Availability ❥
  • Material: 100% acrylic
  • Available sizes: 58”x60”, 60”x72”, 60”x84”, 60”x90”, 60”x96”, 70”x90”, 80”x90”, 80”x110”, 90”x90”, 96”x110”, 102”x116”, 108”x90”, 114”x120
  • Available colors: Ivory gray only
  • Care instructions: machine washable in cold water with a gentle cycle, let it dry in the fresh air.

Luxor Linens – Giovanni Faux Mink Throw

This throw of Luxor Linen is nothing like an authentic and natural pelt; it got a chick ink drop design with vibrant colors. Ink drop design is sophisticated and doesn’t make massive contrast between the two colors. It seems much more the colors are fading into each other; there are no sharp margin lines between them.

The throw is available in one size but three colors. It is made of polyester, and it doesn’t look like authentic fur. Care for your blanket will be straightforward. It is machine washable. Don’t forget to use a gentle cycle with cold water and dry it in the fresh air.

Check Availability ❥
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Available sizes: 50”x60”
  • Available colors: 3 colors, navy, red, and purple
  • Care instructions: machine washable
Tested – 4/5
I’ve got a lovely and romantic red one, and I have to say I had doubts about the color and how it works, But it is adorable, and the ink drop design works excellent; it adds a lot to the decoration factor. The throw arrived in a beautiful box with a hanger, perfect as a gift as it is. The faux material is not similar to a natural fur pelt, but the threads are soft, long enough, and delicate. The reverse side is plush and warm enough. I realized two minor cons: the size is just a small throw, and there is no choice to order a bigger one, and it also sheds a bit. Shedding is not significant; just the vibrant color makes it noticeable. Altogether this blanket is something I loved, and if you adore chick design, it is a must-have accessory. 

NexHome – Soft Shaggy Faux Fur Blanket

I brought you an absolute budget-friendly and fresh shaggy alternative for fur blankets with this throw of NexHome. It is not the most delicate and soft option on the market, but the price is fair enough to compensate you. Furthermore, it doesn’t limit your decoration ideas since it is available in many colors. The vibrant color palette is versatile, from pure white to more trendy colors like purple, pink, or rich blue.

The blanket is available not just in throw size but in full and queen sizes as well. The faux fur is quite resilient, so it is machine washable and even tumble dry friendly. 

Check Availability ❥
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Available sizes: 50”x60”, 70”x78”, 78”x90”
  • Available colors: 13 colors, Pure White, Cream White, Light Gray, Light Yellow, Light Pink, Light Blue, Light Purple, Red, Rose pink, Rust, Shadow Green, Noble purple, and Brown
  • Care instructions: machine washable and tumble dry friendly

Luxe L- Thick Acrylic Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This faux fur blanket of Luxe L is a mid-range option that imitates the feel and looks of natural pelt but is also available in trendy, less authentic fur-like versions too. The faux material is soft and heavy. A little bit too heavy, it tends to slip off the surfaces because the reverse side is much lighter than the faux fur part. 

The shedding is a minor problem; it is constructed very well. If you decide which color will be perfect, you don’t need to focus too much on the size because it is available just in the throw size. The blanket is machine washable; follow the faux fur washing basic rules.

Check Availability ❥
  • Material: 80% plush acrylic and 20% polyester
  • Available sizes: 50”x60”
  • Available colors: 18 colors
  • Care instructions: machine washable

Battilo Home – Decorative Sofa Bed Fox Faux Fur Blanket

Are you into real fur but need an animal-friendly solution? Stop here for a moment and have a closer look at Battilo Home’s faux fur blanket. It imitates natural fur very well. It looks and feels just like a natural pelt. This delicate and sophisticated material has its price, not just because of the amount of money you have to pay but also because of the care restrictions. To keep the excellent attributes of the blanket, take it to a dry cleaner or spot clean it with a damp cloth.

You can choose between three sizes and colors to find the perfect match for yourself and your home’s design. It is not shedding, so you can wrap yourself in it or let your pet sleep on it.

Check Availability ❥
  • Material: Top side – 57% Acrylic, 25% Polyester, 18% Modacryl, Reverse side – 100% Polyester
  • Available sizes: 50”x60”, 51”x67”, 60”x80
  • Available colors: 3 colors, brown, pure white, and grey&white
  • Care instructions: spot clean with a damp cloth or dry clean

Horimote Home – Pink Faux Fur Throw Blanket

This blanket is elegant, fluffy, and made of long hair material. Some of the available colors imitate the feel and touch and even the look of an authentic pelt. It is quite a heavy item to keep the illusion of naturalness; its weight exceeds five pounds. The blanket has a classy elegance that can enhance the look of a contemporary or chick design also. 

The throw arrives in a zippered bag that makes it suitable to give as a gift for a special occasion. You can wash it in a washing machine; keep all the rules of cleaning faux fur. Use cold water and choose a gentle cycle. Do not dry it drier; lay it flat in the fresh air, and fluff up.

Check Availability ❥
  • Material: polyester
  • Available sizes: 60”x80
  • Available colors: 7 colors, black, brown, golden yellow, grey, pink, white, peakpock, 
  • Care instructions: machine washable in cold water, air dry

Best Home Fashion – Kitt Fox Faux Fur Lounge Throw Blanket

Best Home Fashion’s blanket is meant for you if you don’t want to feel any guilt about using natural fur. It imitates a natural pelt successfully but is made of polyester, and no animal was harmed during the production. The faux material is thick and lush, perfect for wrapping yourself in it and enjoying relaxing moments. The reverse side’s softness enhances the feel of coziness. 

You can find the perfect size among three options and can choose from two lovely colors that imitate different real pelts. To keep your new blanket in excellent condition in the long run, take it to a dry cleaner or gently spot clean with a damp cloth. Never expose it to heat. 

Check Availability ❥
  • Material: 100 % polyester
  • Available sizes: 54”x36”, 58”x36”, 58”x60”, 58”x84
  • Available colors: 2 colors, Icedfox and brown
  • Care instructions: dry clean suggested, spot clean if required

Closing thoughts

I think we can agree on one thing, lounging at night after a relaxing shower is not perfect without the hugging and cozy feel of a soft blanket. Which blanket is the best choice for you is your personal decision and depends on your style. Faux fur blankets offer an excellent opportunity for relaxing moments alone with your new book or together with your family at the front of the TV. Once you find your favorite item, please share your experience with us.

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