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Bunk beds are perfect for freeing up some space in the kid’s room or your cabin. And who doesn’t love them? They are funny, practical, and nowadays even stylish. Tons of lovely items are available on the online market, and you don’t even need to go out to get the best bunk beds. So, after loft beds, let’s see other space-saving options. 


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What is a bunk bed?

To define it as simple as it can, bunk beds are beds with two or more beds built up on top of each other. They save some space, and kids usually love them. You can find bunk beds in kid’s rooms, hostels, ships, or even in summer camps. 

Bunk beds are available in many size combinations, can be made of different materials, and in their design, they can contain not just two but more beds. If you need, you can find L-shaped versions with four beds; they are perfect for space-saving.

Most popular bunk bed sizes

Nowadays, bunk beds are not just two twin-sized beds on top of each other. Of course, this is one one the most popular options, but different versions’ fame is growing. The most common bunk bed sizes are the following:

  • Twin over twin bunk beds
  • Twin over full bunk beds
  • Full over full bunk beds
  • Queen over queen bunk beds

Which one do you prefer depends mostly on your needs and the space you have. The age and the number of the kids are crucial also while you are making your buying decision. The twin over twin option could be perfect for younger ones, but a full over full one is something that the kids can grow in without changing their beds. So, take some time with the factors you should consider before buying a new bunk bed.

What to consider before buying a bunk bed?

Buying a new bed is always a big decision, and it is the same if you are planning to buy it for the kids or in your weekend house. In a few words, I’m trying to summarize the key factors you should think over before placing any item in your online cart. If you would like to be sure about your decision, check out my Buying Guide about choosing the best bed frame; there, you will find further useful tips.

  • The space you have – when you are buying a bunk bed, not just the place it accommodates is essential but also the height, don’t forget about it during the measuring. Keep at least two feet between the ceiling and the top of the bunk. Of course, bigger is better. 
  • The type that you need – examine your needs and decide what kind of a bunk bed would be the best for you: twin over twin, twin over full, or full over full? This time you can still realize that a loft bed with a futon would be the best option.
  • The features you desire – this is the time to think about extra features and decide which one you need: storage, tent, staircase with storage, study area, or a slide.

The style and material – bunk beds, just like other bed frames, are available in many styles, from traditional to modern ones. Also, it depends on your personal preference and budget if you choose a wooden or a metal option.

Our picks – Best bunk beds of the year

Bunk beds have an endless selection. I’m sharing the features and details of the year’s top-rated items with you in the following. No matter if it is metal or wooden, modern or classical, choose one that fits your needs and requirements the most! I’m starting with the smallest twin over twin options, then following with the bigger twin over full, full over full, and queen over queen versions.

Harper&Bright Design – Twin Over Twin Wooden Bunk Bed

This twin over twin bunk bed is a masterpiece of practicality. It provides two comfortable sleeping places, has comfortable stairs with drawers to reach the top bunk, and has an under-bed trundle for a quest. It is an ideal choice for a small kid room. The stairs can be installed on both sides of the bed, but unfortunately, the beds cannot be separated if you need two individual frames later on.

The bed is made of solid pinewood with plywood additions and is available in four colors to match the style of your room. For the assembly, all the tools and instructions are in the delivery box. The assembly is straightforward but requires a couple of hours. Thanks to the reinforced slat system, all lying surfaces can accommodate a mattress safely. Be sure that the top bunk’s mattress is not thicker than 8 inches. It is good to know that the lowest drawer is just a decoration; it cannot be pulled out because of safety reasons.

Essential info

  • Twin over twin bunk bed
  • Four colors are available: espresso, grey, walnut, and white.
  • Under-bed trundle for a sleepover guest
  • Comfortable staircase with drawers
  • The stairs can be installed left or the right side as well.
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Harper&Bright Design – Twin Over Twin Wooden Bunk Bed – details

MaterialSolid pinewood and plywood
Available colorsEspresso, grey, walnut, and white
Overall size94.4″ L x 42.4″ W x 61.4″ H
Weight capacityUpper bed: 175 lbs
Lower bed: 275 lbs
Trundle: 175 lbs
Other infoHeight of the rails: 15.55”

DHP – Junior Twin over Twin bunk bed

This twin over twin bunk bed of DHP got a short and low design to make it perfect for the smallest kid rooms. Its footprint is relatively small. The bed is only 77.5 inches long and got 49.5 inches in height to fit in a room with a lower ceiling. The strong metal slats, the attached ladder, and the full length-guardrails guarantee safety and sturdiness. Aware that the height of the top bunk’s mattress should not exceed 6 inches.

The assembly is quick and straightforward, the precisely labeled parts lining up smoothly, and one person can finish in about 2 hours. Unfortunately, the ladder’s position can’t be changed, and it has to be placed on the right side as it is pictured.

Essential info

  • Twin over twin bunk bed
  • Available in three colors: black, silver, and white
  • The ladder should be placed as it is pictured.
  • Short and low design, fits in a small room.
  • Straightforward and quick assembly
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DHP – Junior Twin over Twin bunk bed – details

Available colorsBlack, silver, and white
Overall size77.5″ L x 51″ W x 49.5″ H
Weight capacityUpper bed: 200 lbs
Lower bed: 250 lbs
Other infoItem weight: 66 lbs
Shipping dimensions: 80″ L x 15″ W x 6″ H


 Are you looking for a new mattress for your bunk bed? Check out this 8-Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress. If it is too thick, this 6-Inch cool memory foam mattress can be a safer but still comfortable choice.

Max & Lily – Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed

This low twin over twin bunk bed not just seems sturdy, but it is. Thanks to its solid wood construction and supportive metal slats, this bed frame is not only beautiful but also long-lasting and safe to use. Also, the slats make it possible to use both beds without a box spring or bunkie board. The lower bed’s slats sit 2 inches off the floor to let the air circulate properly. On the top bunk, you should consider using an 8-inch or thinner mattress.

The frame ships are disassembled and in one heavy box, so it is better to have someone else around to help put the bunk together. During the assembly, you can decide where to place the ladder; it is not just reversible but removable also.

Essential info

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Max & Lily – Twin over Twin Low Bunk Bed – details

MaterialNew Zealand pine wood
Available colorsBlue, clay, grey, natural, white
Overall size58″ W x 50″ H x 80″ L
Weight capacityUpper bed: 400 lbs
Lower bed: 400 lbs
Other infoHeight of guardrail: 14”
Item weight: 110 lbs
Ladder width: 15”

Hillsdale Furniture – Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

This twin over twin construction can be a trendy adornment of your home. Both the steel material and the rough grey steel finish save your frame from rust and the marks of usage. The steel slats can accommodate any mattress without a bunkie board or a box spring. Unfortunately, the manufacturer couldn’t eliminate one disadvantage of metal frames; the bed makes some noise for movements.

The ladder itself doesn’t need any additional space thanks to its vertical design but can’t be replaced; you should put it at the end of the frame as it is on the picture. Upon arrival, you need to put the frame together. A detailed assembly guide is attached to make the whole process much more manageable.

Essential info

  • Twin over twin bunk bed
  • Black steel color only
  • The ladder’s position is not variable.
  • The steel finish keeps it in good shape in a longer run
  • Sturdy steel construction
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Hillsdale Furniture – Twin over Twin Bunk Bed – details

Available colorsBlack steel
Overall size78” Lx 41” Wx 63” H
Weight capacityUpper bed: 250 lbs
Lower bed: 250 lbs
Other infoItem weight: 162 lbs


Do you need to put three kids in bed but have limited space? This triple bunk bed with a loft can be a perfect solution.

Bedz King – Tall Stairway Twin over Twin Bunk Beds

This tall twin over twin type bunk bed is a heavy, sturdy, massive construction made of solid Brazilian pine wood, not containing any particleboard. The frame’s material is extracted from sustainable plantations only. The bed comes with a comfortable and safe staircase, so the bed’s usage becomes much easier for younger children and older people. The bed converts into two single twin beds if, later on, you desire so. Finishes are child-safe and formaldehyde-free.

For the assembly, some help might be needed because the bed contains heavy parts. In the delivery box, you will find all the tools and hardware that you need. The staircase with the drawers can be installed on either the left and the right side of the frame. Because of the relatively high under-bed clearance, you can consider placing a trundle under the frame.

Essential info

  • Twin over twin bunk bed
  • Four finishes are available: dark cherry, espresso, grey, and white.
  • Staircase for more comfortable and safe use
  • Drawer storage in the stairs
  • It can be converted into two bed
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Bedz King – Tall Stairway Twin over Twin Bunk Beds – details

MaterialSolid Brazilian pine wood
Available colorsDark cherry, espresso, grey, white
Overall size69 ½” H x 103 ¼” L x 43 ¾” D (55” including steps)
Weight capacityUpper bed: 175 lbs
Lower bed: 200 lbs
Other infoClearance: 10 ¾
Space between the bottom and top bunk slats: 38”
Internal dimensions of the drawers: 8 ¼” H x 17 ¾” W x 15 ¼” D
Height of the steps individually: 13”
Overall height of the stairs: 66 ½”
Item weight: 285 lbs

Mertiline – Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Staircase

This twin over full type bunk bed of Mertiline got a mission style wooden frame that can’t get out of style and easily fits in much interior design. It is available in three colors, and this basic color palette could be enough to find the one that matches your needs. A great advantage of this bed is that the beds are detachable; later on, you can use them as separate beds. The practical staircase offers storage shelves to help you keep your room tidy and organized.

The bed arrives at your home in 3 boxes, be careful when taking it over. The assembly is a bit complex and requires significant time, but far not impossible. Be sure that you don’t need to rush and have enough time to put it together. The bed is mattress-ready, no need to use a box spring or any other foundation. The top bunk can accommodate a maximum of 6-inch thick mattress.

Essential info

  • Twin over full bunk bed
  • Three colors are available: espresso, grey, and white.
  • An alternative version is available with an additional trundle
  • Detachable bunk bed
  • Noiseless construction
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Mertiline – Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Staircase- details

MaterialPinewood, plywood, MDF board
Available colorsEspresso, grey, white
Overall size91’’ L x 57.8’’ W x 65.3’’ H
Weight capacityUpper bed: 200 lbs
Lower bed: 250 lbs
Other infoClearance: 11”

DHP – Miles Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed

I’m presenting you the full over full version of this bunk bed, but model Miles is available in three other types. You can buy a twin over twin, a twin over full, or a twin with a futon version if it fits better with your needs. The bed has a clean industrial design with an integrated ladder, so it is perfect for small places. The frame is made from sturdy metal and is available in four colors. Its height is also smaller than usual, so it is perfect in a lower ceiling room.

The assembly is quick and easy, and all the screws are marked and packed separately. Unfortunately, the beds are not detachable, and you should put the ladder on the right side. Good news is that thanks to the strong metal slats, you won’t need any other foundation before placing your mattress in the frame.

Essential info

  • Full over full bunk bed
  • Four colors are available: silver, blue, black, and white.
  • Two alternative versions are available: twin over twin, twin over full
  • Integrated ladder
  • Easy and quick assembly
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DHP – Miles Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed – details

Available colorsSilver, blue, black, white
Overall size77.5″ L x 56.5” W x 54” H
Weight capacityUpper bed: 300 lbs
Lower bed: 300 lbs
Other infoGuardrails height: 12.5”
Clearance between beds: 49.84”
Distance between slats: 3.5”
Item weight: 97 lbs


If you ever spent a night in an upper bed, you know the feeling when you would like to have a glass of water around, put your book, laptop, or phone somewhere but don’t want to climb down then up again. This practical bedside shelf can solve these storage problems.

Meritline – Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle

This full over full trundle bed has a lovely traditional design with a paneled head and footboards. It is available in four colors, and the grey and white version can come with an alternative higher and updated styled headboard. The beds can be separated, so you can use them later when your kids are getting older or moving into a bigger house. A great addition is a twin trundle under the bed, and this is perfect for an overnighting guest.

The bed is made of solid pinewood, so it ships in two heavy boxes that contain all instructions and tools. Don’t start to put it together alone, have some help around; you will need it. The slats are made of plywood, every other part of the frame is solid wood. For safety reasons, use just a 6-inch tall mattress on the top bunk, and also, the trundle cannot accommodate any that thicker than this height.

Essential info

  • Full over full bunk bed
  • Four colors are available: grey, walnut, white, and espresso.
  • Detachable bunk bed 
  • With twin size trundle
  • Assembly requires two people.
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Meritline – Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Trundle – details

MaterialPinewood and plywood
Available colorsGrey (2 styles), walnut, white(2 styles), espresso
Overall size79.5″L X 57.0″W X 59.9″H
Weight capacityUpper bed: 250 lbs
Lower bed: 300 lbs
Trundle: 175 lbs
Other infoThe number of slats per bed: 10

ACME Furniture – Brantley Queen over Queen Bunk bed

The last item on my list is a real rarity. This bunk bed is a queen over queen type that is quite rare and hard to find. This bed is lovely and sturdy, made of metal with a sandy black finish with dark bronze panels. This bed fits perfectly in a cabin to provide an extra place for guests, not just in a kid’s room.

The bed comes with 22 slats per bed and supportive center legs for increased stability and sturdiness. You won’t need any additional support, such as a bunkie board or a box spring. The assembly needs some practice because of the bed’s size, but relatively straightforward. This bunk bed is convertible into two separate beds. Another version is available that is a Full XL over a Queen, it can be practical if you already have such mattresses, or later on, would like to have two separate beds in these sizes.

Essential info

  • Queen over queen bunk bed
  • A combination of sandy black and dark bronze only
  • Convertible into two beds
  • Full XL over queen options is available
  • Moderate weight capacity
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ACME Furniture – Brantley Queen over Queen Bunk bed – details

Available colorsSandy black and dark bronze
Overall size83” L x 65” W x 68” H
Weight capacityUpper bed: 250 lb
sLower bed: 350 lbs
Other infoItem weight: 168 lbs
Number of slats: 22

Closing Thoughts

I hope after finishing off this post, you became a real expert on bunk beds and got all the skills to decide with confidence and will buy the best option for you and your family. Once you have the bed you imagined, don’t forget to complete the look with some beautiful colorful comforter sets. Is everything ready and lovely? Share a pic with us and your story in a few words.

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