Best 6 luxury pillows of 2021 for a better sleep quality

Girl is sleeping on a luxury pillow

Congratulations on your decision! If you are here, you decided to invest in a new pillow. With an adequately picked pillow, your sleep quality will be much better; therefore, you will be healthier and more relaxed. In this post, I collected lovely luxury pillows of many types, natural and synthetics, from absolutely natural down-filled ones, through natural latex pillow, to cooling gel fiber alternative.

If you are unsure how to choose the right pillow for yourself, you might find my guide about selecting the perfect pillow useful.


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Our picks

I included in this recommendation all the main popular pillow types. You will find two sections below. If you are environmentally conscious or put a lot of emphasis on finding the best natural solutions, have a look at the part of the natural pillow. If you are totally into modern techniques and want to enjoy all the advantages of these products, the synthetic pillow section was meant for you.

Natural luxury pillows

NamePictureMaterialPrice range
Sleep & Beyond – Wool PillowWool$$
East Coast Bedding – European White Goose Down PillowDown$$$
Plushbeds – Organic Solid Latex PillowNatural latex$$

Synthetic luxury pillows

NamePictureMaterialPrice range
Lull – Microfiber PillowMicrofiber$$
Nest Bedding – The Easy Breather Pillow – Superior Adjustable Memory FoamMemory foam$$
Luxome – LAYR Customizable PillowGel fiber$$

Best natural luxury pillows

Sleep & Beyond – Wool Pillow

This wool pillow is a very delicate and luxurious item from Sleep & Beyond. The company uses just the finest raw materials. The wool that they use is gained from Merino or British Shropshire sheep. Shropshire wool is washable, light, elastic, and fine to touch.

The pillow is hand-tufted with 100% Shropshire wool till it gets its medium thickness. It provides gentle support for your head and neck during the night.

The pillow has all the exceptional virtue that a wool pillow can have; it is hypoallergenic and is an excellent natural thermoregulator. 


Wool pillow This natural fiber is ideal for keeping you cool during hot nights since it is an excellent natural thermoregulator. It is also hypoallergenic so that you can say goodbye to nighttime allergy symptoms. Wool often is the primary commodity of luxury pillows.

Thermoregulator means that it is breathable, and it can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool can draw away sweat and moisture quickly so that you won’t have a clammy feeling. It has a delicate 100% cotton cover that is supporting this effect. 

The pillow will keep its form very well; you can rest smoothly without continuous tossing.

3 different sizes, standard, queen, and king, are available to find the best for your comfort and fit in your design.

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Recommended for you, if you:
⚬ are side or back sleeper
⚬ have any allergies to down, feather or polyester
⚬ feel comfortable with a steady temperature
⚬ are looking for a whole natural solution

East Coast Bedding – European White Goose Down Pillow

The manufacturer created a unique feather pillow with this product. If you prefer a down pillow, a goose down filled one is the best you should go for. Goose down is softer than duck down, and with its high fill power, it provides medium support. Reviewers agree that this pillow is super comfortable. Lying on this pillow in your bed, you will feel the comfort of a hotel pillow.

The cover is made from 100% cotton that is sateen soft and has a 400 thread count. Piping is white and is double stitched to make sewing extra durable and provide a luxury look.

The European white goose down filling got a hypoallergenic treatment. This pillow contains just goose down, so you won’t face thickening feather parts.


Down pillows are incredibly soft. Right after lowering your head, you will feel the gentle, welcoming touch of it. They are warm but still breathable. You can experience that after every use, they need fluffing.

The pillow will grant sufficient support for a back sleeping position and still lightweight enough to let you move around with your pillow in the bed comfortably. The pillow provides enough support with keeping the soft characteristics of a down pillow.

The pillow available in the three most popular sizes, so you can find the size and fill power that fits your needs the most.

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Recommended for you, if you:
⚬ prefer natural materials
⚬ are a back sleeper
⚬ like to move around with your pillow around the bed
⚬ are searching the softness of goose down
⚬ would like to feel such comfort as in an excellent hotel

Plushbeds – Organic Solid Latex Pillow

This high-quality latex pillow combines all benefits of an excellent latex pillow. It is highly recommended among users since it keeps its form correctly and provides sufficient support for the neck and back. Note that latex pillows can have a bouncy feeling. 

The pillow is made from 100% natural GOLS certified natural latex that is free of any chemicals. It has a medium-density/firmness that is suitable for almost every sleeping style. It is highly breathable and naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, so if you suffer from allergies can be an excellent choice. Latex products have a particular smell from the latex tree; it needs 3-4 days of airing in a shadow place. 

Latex pillows have a unique pin-core design; therefore, air ventilation is solved, it is wicking away moisture, and you won’t feel it too hot while resting. The 100% cotton removable cover is supporting all the top features of this item. 


Natural latex pillows – They are made from 100% natural latex and do not contain any memory foam, synthetic latex, or chemicals. The unique pin core design is an excellent thermoregulator. A latex pillow because its density is very comfortable and lets you sleep smoothly.

This pillow is available in Standard, Queen, and King sizes. Take care of your pillow carefully to extend its lifespan. Wash the cover frequently, but keep in mind that the pillow itself is not machine washable, spot clean only.

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Recommended for you, if you:
⚬ are suffering from neck, back, or spinal pain
⚬ have sensitive skin
⚬ looking for a naturally allergen-free solution
⚬ need consistent medium loft
⚬ like the little bouncy feeling


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Comparison of natural luxury pillows

Sleep & Beyond – Wool PillowEast Coast Bedding – European White Goose Down PillowOrganic Textiles Talalay Hypoallergenic Latex Pillow
Fill weight Standard: 2.47 lb
Queen: 2.87 lb
King: 4.04 lb
Standard: 1.25 lb
Queen: 1.56 lb
King: 1.75 lb
Fill material100% Shropshire wool100% Goose Down100% natural latex
Available sizes (inches)Standard: 26 x 20
Queen: 30 x 20
King: 36 x 20
Standard: 26 x 20
Queen: 30 x 20
King: 36 x20
Standard: 24 x 15
Queen: 28×16
King: 34×16
Cover material100% cotton100% cotton100% cotton
Is machine washable?Yes (gentle cycle, with cold water, no spin)NoNo
Is the cover removable?NoNoYes
ThicknessMedium, 4”MediumMedium, 5”
County of OriginKyrgyzstanUSAUnited States
Price range$$$$$$$

Best synthetic luxury pillows

Lull – Microfiber Pillow

With this pillow, you can find a lull in your bed after a stressful day. It is a soft pillow that can be an excellent alternative to a down pillow. Microfiber provides exceptional support and holds its shape much better than a feather or down pillow despite the softness. 

The pillow has an outstanding three-layer design. In the center, high dense microfiber will keep your head and neck aligned with the rest of your body; therefore, you will suffer much less of your neck and back pain. The top and the bottom parts are including soft open microfiber that adapts perfectly to the shape of your head and neck. This combination of different density microfiber guarantees the ideal balance between comfort and support.


Microfiber pillows are also known as down-alternative pillows. They are weightless and hypoallergenic. They have the comfort and softness that a down pillow has. They can keep you fresh during the night; don’t trap moisture or sweat.

These open microfiber cells also let the air circulating accordingly, make your pillow breathable and keep up freshness during the night.

Microfiber is hypoallergenic and machine washable; keeping it clean is straightforward. Use a gentle cycle and low heat to preserve the pillow’s shape. Keeping your sleeping area clean is a big step to healthier sleep.

The pillow comes with a 100-night trial, providing the opportunity to send it back if you are not satisfied with your purchase. The manufacturer is confident enough that besides the trial period, they guarantee a 1-year warranty as well.

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Recommended for you, if you:
⚬ Looking for a soft pillow
⚬ need a synthetic, down-feel alternative
⚬ like the thinner solutions
⚬ need a hypoallergenic and simple cleanable pillow

Nest Bedding – The Easy Breather Pillow – Superior Adjustable Memory Foam

Nest Bedding’s luxury pillow combines everything that you can expect from a memory foam pillow. It feels soft and supportive simultaneously; this is the feature of memory foam why it has such significant popularity. 

Let’s see the surface first. The cover is closed with a zipper and is made from a lovely Tencel blended fabric. Tencel or lyocell is a natural fiber made from wood and other plant materials. It seems smoother than cotton and has a silky feeling on your skin. 

Under the cover, you will find CertiPUR shredded memory foam. It combines 75% Polyurethane Visco foam with 25% Polyester fiber. The filling doesn’t contain any latex or animal products. The best feature of this item is the adjustability. The pillow arrives overstuffed, and it depends on your preferences how many filling you want to use.  Sizes vary among Standard, Queen, and King. It is easily adjustable for any sleeping position. It is a good practice to store the removed filling in a waterproof bag; this way, you can use it later if you wish.


Memory foam pillows are providing full night support without going flat. They are perfect for those who prefer a higher loft. Memory foam pillows are an excellent choice for side- and back sleepers by providing good support for the neck. It retains heat and is quite heavy.

All the materials mentioned above and the whole pillow itself are made in the USA.

Memory foam is an excellent hypoallergenic solution. You can keep it clean if you vacuum-clean it whenever you replace the cover. Note, memory foam is not allowed to put in a washing machine or a dryer.

Don’t worry if it is not your perfect pillow. There is a 30 days trial, starting with the day of the delivery. If you are not satisfied, you can send it back without any issue. In the longer term, you will get a 2-year warranty if you have any complaints.

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Recommended for you, if you:
⚬ looking for an adjustable luxury product
⚬ need proper support without firm feeling
⚬ would like to avoid animal products
⚬ satisfied with an extended warranty period
⚬ prefer a domestic product

Luxome – LAYR Customizable Pillow

Luxome is creating luxurious bedding accessories and weighted blankets. This pillow is one of the fabulous products. If you look at the rectangular panels, you can see a sophisticated gusseted item; it is modern and clean. The zipper-closed cover has a beautiful and elegant pattern and texture made of anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking bamboo.

This pillow is one of a kind and can be customized in firmness and loft as well; this product is a result of continuous development. Purchasing this pillow, you will get three pillows in one cover, and the components can be varied in many ways from a soft and low to a high and medium solution. You will find a plush, down alternative filled pillow in the cover, a medium-firm one that is a mixture of memory foam and down-alternative fill, and the third is a firm gel-infused memory foam one. Use any one or two combined, or all the three in any order you find the most comfortable. The soft pillow offers extra comfort and breathability, the medium one guarantees less sweat but excellent memory foam support, and the firm pillow gives structured strong support. All inserts have a 100% cotton cover to keep up the breathability.


Gel fiber pillows are plush and fluffy; they made to feel like down. It is providing pleasant neck support by keeping its shape and is breathable also. Gel fibers draw the heat away from your body to explore the cooling effect during the night.

Luxome provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of its products, so I think this pillow deserves a try and some experiments with its combinable layers.

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Recommended for you, if you:
⚬ changing your sleeping position often

⚬ unsure about what height or firmness would be the best

⚬ like to try new and unique solutions

⚬would like to avoid overheating

Comparison of synthetic luxury pillows

Lull – Microfiber PillowNest Bedding – The Easy Breather Pillow – Superior Adjustable Memory FoamLuxome – LAYR Customizable Pillow
Fill weightStandard: 3.6 lbAdjustable, weight depends on your settingsAdjustable weight depends on your settings.
Fill materialMicrofiberMemory foamDown alternative fiber
Gel-infused memory foam
Available sizes (inches)Standard: 26 x 18
King: 34 x18
Standard: 24 x 16
Queen: 27 x 16
King: 32 x 16
Standard/Queen: 18 x 28
King: 18 x 35
Cover materialSateenTencel blended fabric (37% Tencel, 61% Polyester, 2% Spandex)Main cover: Bamboo
Insert covers: 100% cotton
Is machine washable?YesNoNo
Is the cover removable?NoYesYes
ThicknessThin, 2”Adjustable (Till thick till super-thin)Adjustable (From thin till thick)
County of OriginUnited States (imported materials)United StatesChina
Price range$$$$$$

Closing thoughts and my favorite

I’m pleased that you read this post, and I believe that you could find a pillow for your taste among these exceptional products. 

Let me share my personal favorite. If I could have one, I would choose Nest Bedding’s Superior Adjustable Memory Foam pillow. This pillow has excellent features and can provide support for any sleeping position, thanks to adjustability. This pillow combines softness with support in a very effective way. And last but not least it is lovely to look at, it seems, and really, it is a luxurious product.

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