Best 11 feather pillows of 2020 – satisfy your needs for better sleep

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If you decided that you need a new feather pillow to improve your sleep quality, you are in the right place. In this post, I will examine the feather pillows of the market to support your smart decision. Reading this post, you can make a smart purchase choice taking into consideration your personal needs. Do you still have questions about how to choose the perfect pillow for yourself? Check my previous post on how to find the ideal pillow.

Few words about feather and down pillows

Pillows are usually categorized about firmness. In the case of a feather pillow, we never can talk about real firmness that other synthetic materials can provide, such as, e.g., memory foam can guarantee.

There is also a broad price range category on the market. Adjust the buying decision to your budget. We can say that most likely, a much expensive pillow will last longer than a cheaper alternative. In the case of a feather pillow, the quality of filling can also depend on the model’s price. Usually, goose or duck feather and down is used as a filling. Goose feathers tend to be more delicate and costly than duck feathers.

Full down pillows, or pillows containing a higher proportion of down than feather, are softer and guarantee better support. With a higher down percentage in the filling, the price is getting higher as well. Also, white feather-filled pillows will be more expensive than grey ones. 

Natural feathers without a hypoallergenic treatment can cause an allergic reaction. Consider your medical circumstances, or even better, to choose a hypoallergenic model anyway. 

Our picks

In the following, I’ll categorize the pillows into 3 classes by comfort level, from plush to firm. In the 3 groups, you will find budget-friendly choices till luxury pillows to fit it for any budget.

Till not sure what comfort level you should choose? Are you a combo sleeper who is switching between sleeping positions during the night? Check the adjustable pillows at the end. (If you need further information about sleeping positions before the final decision, find support material in my post about sleeping postures.)

Soft feather pillows – for stomach sleepers

Hombys - Goose Feather and Down Soft Bed PillowHombys – Goose Feather and Down Soft Bed Pillows (Set of 2)$
Downright – Cascada Down Pillow$$
Down etc - Hypoallergenic 50/50 Goose Down and Feather PillowDown etc – Hypoallergenic 50/50 Goose Down and Feather Pillow$$$

Medium feather pillows – for back sleepers

Puredown – Natural Goose Down and Feather pillow (Set of 2)$
East Coast Bedding – Feather Contour Bed Pillows (Set of 2)$$
Downright - Logana Batiste Down PillowDownright – Logana Batiste Down Pillow$$$

Firm feather pillows – for side sleepers

Alwyn Home – Firm Down Blend Bed Pillow (Set of 2)$
Pacific Coast Feather – Classic Firm Down Bed Pillow$$
Pillow Guy – Firm Down Pillow (Set of 2)$$$

Adjustable feather pillows – for combo sleepers

Aikoful – Premium Adjustable Queen Size Goose Down and Feather Pillow$
Three Geese – Adjustable Layer Down and Feather Pillow$$$

Soft pillows – Ideal choice for stomach sleepers

Generally, we can say that soft and not too thick pillows are recommended for those who tend to sleep on their tummy. Purchasing a feather pillow is an excellent choice for you if you sleep that way. 

Hombys provides a budget-friendly option with its down and feather pillow set. The filling made of goose feather with 5% of goose down. Luckily it has a 100% cotton cover that totally feathers proof. The pack contains 2 pillows.

If we step for the next budget level, we can find a great USA made product of Downright with a wider available size range. The filling got hypoallergenic treatment, and as the users said feels like “sleeping on a cloud”. It is still a thin pillow; height is just 5″. It has an excellent 100% cambric cotton cover.

The much pricey pick among the soft pillows is the model of Down ETC. This one is 5” from the front to back, which means it is a thin solution. The cover is cotton and is carefully stitched to avoid tearing and keep your pillow fluffy. Of course, the pillow got a hypoallergenic treatment. Good news that it is machine washable. Once you lie on this pillow, you won’t hear any annoying noise that cheaper pillows can make.

Whatever you will choose among these three models, it will support very well your stomach style sleeping.

Common bed pillow sizes

Standard: 20” x 28”
Queen: 20” x 30”
King: 20” x 36”
European square: 26” x 26”
Grand Euro: 31” x 31”

Comparison – Best Buys of soft feather pillows

Hombys – Goose Feather and Down Soft Bed Pillows (Set of 2)Downright – Cascada Down PillowDown Etc – Hypoallergenic 50/50 Goose Down and Feather Pillow
Fill weight (standard size)1.87 lb1.19 lbN/A
Fill material95% Goose Feather
5% Goose Down
Down50% white goose down and 50% white goose feathers
Available sizesStandard
Euro Square
Cover material100% cotton100% cotton,
100% cotton
Is machine washable?YesNoYes
Is the cover removable?NoNoNo
County of OriginChinaUnited StatesN/A
Price range$$$$$$

As you can see, Hombys’s pillow has a very nice feature; it has a very affordable price. So if your ideal pillow would be a feather one, but your budget is moderate, it is a great choice.

If we look at the filling, you should buy the down-filled one, but it depends on your personal preferences what down-feather proportion do you prefer. 

The widest size variety is available if you choose the model of Down Etc. In the case of the cover, there is not much variation, no one can be removed, and all made of 100% cotton. However, Hombys’ states that their shell is feather-proof.

Hombys’s model is not hypoallergenic. If you have any allergy problems, do not go for this option. Luckily the other two got a hypoallergenic treatment.  A great plus to Down Etc’s model: is machine washable, so keeping it clean will be much easier.

In the case of thickness, there is just a slight difference between them. Decide which one do you prefer. These pillows are all thin enough to support stomach sleeping style.

Medium pillows – Excellent choice for back sleepers

If you tend to sleep on your back, it is wise to buy a medium-firm pillow. Medium firmness and thickness is the best choice to keep your head and neck aligned with your spine. This way, you can avoid neck pain.

Puredown’s medium-firm pillow set is an excellent budget pick to get a feather pillow. It contains just 15% goose down so that it could sink more than a down pillow. The feathers are quite silent when you move your head, but there is a layer that avoids thickening the feathers made from some polyester, making some strange noise sometimes.

East Coast Bedding offers a bit more expensive option for medium firmness. The pillows of the set contain 50% goose down for softness and comfort. If you tried the 15% down option and found it too hard, go for this, you will find it softer. It is washable and dryable, and also hypoallergenic. Keeping it clean won’t be a difficult task.

If you are looking for a luxury medium-firm pillow, choose Downright’s medium white goose bed pillow. This pillow is filled with white goose down with 920 fill power to provide the most excellent support and outstanding softness. The pillow is hypoallergenic and covered with a removable soft cotton cover. This pillow is an eco-friendly solution that will support your back sleeping style. The size range is complete; it is available in the four most popular sizes.

Sleep fact

Are you in trouble with how to restuff your old couch cushions, throws, or other feather-filled furniture or decoration item? Get some <restuffing goose feather and down material>! It is available in different amounts, 5lb, 10lb, and 20lb. 10lb e.g., could be enough to stuff 3-4 standard size bed pillows completely

Comparison – Best Buys of medium feather pillows

Puredown – Natural Goose Down and Feather pillow (Set of 2)East Coast Bedding – Feather Contour Bed Pillows (Set of 2)Downright – Logana Batiste Down Pillow
Fill weight (standard size)2 lb2.88 lb1.9 lb
Fill material85% Goose Feather
15% Goose Down
50% white goose down
50% white goose feather
Available sizesStandard

Euro Square
Cover material100% cotton100% cotton100% cotton
Is machine washable?NoYesNo
Is the cover removable?NoNoYes
County of OriginChinaUnited StatesUnited States
Price range$$$$$$

Based on the weight information, Downright’s model is very lightweight thanks to its goose down filling. If you use to move around the bed during the night, it could be better to move with a lighter pillow. 

That filling proportion you favor can be a personal preference. But in general, we can say that the pure down-filled pillows are providing the best comfort factors. In this selection, you can find different filling proportions, adjust your decision to your budget and comfort needs.

The size range is complete at every model, but Downright’s solution is the only that offers European Square size as well.

East Coast Bedding’s model is machine washable, that is a great plus, and this one also got a hypoallergenic treatment. The Downright one is not machine washable, but the cover is removable, and you can keep it clean and fresh longer.

All the pillows are medium-thick, which makes them perfect for a back sleeping position.

Firm pillows – The best choice for side sleepers

As I said at the beginning, feather pillows will never be as firm as a memory foam pillow or other synthetic pillows could be. Higher fill weight will provide a thicker profile with better support, but the pillow still won’t be hard thanks to feather filling. 

Firmer and thicker pillows are excellent to support a side sleeping position. When you sleep on your side, the goal is to keep your head elevated to accommodate your shoulder and keep your neck aligned with your spine. That way, you can maintain better circulation and avoid neck pain. 

Firm feather pillows generally are more costly than softer alternatives. The reason is simple, to reach the required firmness, more filling material is required. In the case of a feather pillow, the filling can be expensive, so that more filling will cause a higher purchase price.

Alwyn Home could offer real value for a friendly price. It is machine washable and is hypoallergenic too. However, for the lower price, you should be satisfied with down blend filling. 

Pacific Coast Feather sells an excellent firm alternative filled with down and with a removable cover in a bit higher price range. This model is hypoallergenic and machine washable too. 

The most expensive in this category is a very highly rated firm pillow from Pillow Guy. Almost all the reviewers agree that this is the best pillow they ever owned. Of course, it is down-filled, the cover is removable, and the pillow itself is hypoallergenic and machine washable.

Comparison – Best Buys of firm feather pillows

Alwyn Home – Firm Down Blend Bed Pillow (Set of 2)Pacific Coast Feather – Classic Firm Down Bed PillowPillow Guy – Firm Down Pillow (Set of 2)
Fill weight (standard size)2.25 lb1.81 lb(Standard size is not available)
Fill materialDown blendDownDown
Available sizesStandard
Cover material100% Polyester100% cotton89% Polyester and 11% nylon
Is machine washable?YesYesYes
Is the cover removable?NoYesYes
County of OriginChinaUnited States (imported materials)United States
Price range$$$$$$

In fill-weight, there is no significant difference between the pillows. Alwyn Home’s model is a bit heavier than the other two.

The filling is down, but the cheapest one is filled with down-blend, which means it contains down, mixed from more species.

The cover of the Pillow Guy model is polyester and nylon, which will provide a more refreshing and cool feeling during the night.

All of the three are machine washable and hypoallergenic. The only difference is that Alwyn Home’s model has an attached cover that is not removable.

The more expensive models are made in the USA, however, East Coast Bedding using imported filling material. 

All models of this category can be a great choice, can’t stop saying, check the features carefully, and adjust your decision to your budget.

Adjustable pillows – Perfect for combo sleepers

If you are a combo sleeper, which means you like to change your sleeping position from time to time, or if you are still uncertain what thickness would be the best for you, adjustable pillows have been invented for you.

In the case of a feather pillow, adjustability is different than in the case of other pillows. It would be messy to work with feathers and down, so you can’t add or remove the filling material itself. Manufacturers invented something smarter to make possible adjustability without that mess factor. They made a cover that can simply be opened up by a zipper and containing a few inner pillows. You can add or remove any of these layers to get a thicker or thinner pillow. 

Another excellent opportunity you can apply is to roll up one of these inner pillows and put it back, rolled up. That will be a perfect neck pillow with extra comfort.

Let me introduce you two of these adjustable feather pillows. If you feel that this solution was meant for you, don’t be afraid to buy one, and reach better sleep quality.

The first and the cheaper one is Three Geese adjustable solution and available just in queen size. The cotton covered pillow is containing 3 soft inner pillows. All of the layers are filled with 95% goose feather and 5% goose down and are hypoallergenic. Luckily it is machine washable so that cleaning will be much easier. If you need an ultra-thin pillow, e.g., for your kid, that could be an exceptional alternative if you are using just one pad to get the thinner profile.

Another fantastic solution is Aikoful’s adjustable pillow.  It also could come just in queen size and with 3 inner pillows in the cover. With one layer, it is ultra-soft and will be perfect for a kid. With 2 layers, it is a lovely soft pillow with a bit thicker profile. If you need a firmer pillow, just insert all 3 pads in the cotton cover. All of the inner pillows are suitable for individual use. The pillows are filled with bamboo rayon, and feather and down.

Closing thoughts and my personal favorite

If you decided to purchase your new pillow, you made an important step to improve your sleep quality so that your health as well. Congratulations! 

Among these excellent pillows, I would choose East Coast Bedding medium-firm pillow. I like to fall asleep on my stomach, but I’m changing to back sleeping after a while. This pillow is soft enough to allow comfortable stomach sleeping but supportive, too, to keep my head aligned while I’m lying on my back. It is machine washable and hypoallergenic also. 

Think about your personal preferences and needs. If you choose wisely, only one task needs to be done: Sleep well!

Did not find what you’re looking for? Want more pillows? Check out our luxury pillows review.

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