8 Stunning Bed Canopy of 2020 – Complete Your Design

luxurious canopy bedroom

A bed canopy is trendy, and this popularity is still growing. Canopies are practical since they can keep away insects from your skin, they can regulate the temperature in your bed, and look fantastic in a stylish bedroom.

If they enchanted you and would like to find the most gorgeous one, don’t miss this post.  No matter if you already have a canopy bed or not. You will find smart solutions that can imitate a canopy bed without having a real one. But if you still would like to invest in an awesome canopy bed, check our selection to support your decision.

Our picks – classical canopy bed design

Joyreap 4 Corners Post Canopy Bed CurtainGreat value for money$$
Ahren Bed Canopy PanelsUniversal panels$$$
Nattey 4 Corners Princess Bed CurtainLowest price$
Obokidly Four Corner Post Bed Curtain CanopyNon-transcluent fabric$$$

Our picks – ceiling- or wall hanging style

Bed Canopy with Fluorescent StarsFluorescent stars$
Lotus Karen Contrast Color Bed Curtain7 contrast colors$$
Mcarthur Indonesia Bed Canopy100% cotton material$$$
Lotus Karen Princess Bed CanopyReal princess look$$$

Joyreap 4 Corners Post Canopy Bed Curtain

Great value for money

This canopy has a very romantic look; however, lights not included in the listing. No matter, you can always choose your own choice to decorate it with lights, flowers, ribbons, or anything else that came into your mind.

It has a 3 openings design, the piece that is at the headboard is a whole net without opening. The top is dustproof to raise the coziness in your sleeping area. It is more than a mosquito net; it gives a passionate touch to your bedroom.

This item of Joyreap is available in 4 colors: white, pink, grey-blue, and reddish-brown. It is produced from high-quality, chemical-free polyester.

In the package next to the net, you can find 4 wall anchors and 4 screw hooks so that this canopy curtain can also work without a canopy frame.

You can pick different sizes that are suggested to twin, full, queen, or king bed sizes. If you have a high post or bed frame that is taller than 80″ it will be too high to drape it on the floor like on the picture.

The manufacturer suggests hand wash with water of average temperature.

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Joyreap 4 Corners Post Canopy Bed Curtain – available sizes

Suggested for twin47″ W x 78″ L x 82″ H 2.2 pounds
Suggested for full/queen59″ W x 78″ L x 82″ H 2.41 pounds
Suggested for king86″ W x 78″ L x 82″ H 2.76 pounds

Sleep fact

Canopy beds were used in medieval Europe. These earlier days, nobles slept in their castles in the room, called the great hall together with the servants. The Lord’s bed was curtained to create a private space from the others. Bed curtains also kept the sleeping area warmer during the night.

Ahren Bed Canopy Panels

Universal panels

Ahren bed canopy, as the name says, is not a regular full mosquito net; it is built up with panels of curtains.  It provides a unique and elegant look to your bedroom with its translucent fabric.

If you have a canopy bed already, update its look with this bed canopy. If planning to invest in such a bed, get this item also to complete your design.

This panel solution is quite practical. Panels are 45″ wide and 96″ long, and in the package, you will find 8 of them. It will fit any size of bed from twin till California King. 56 Top Ties are helping you to fasten the panels to your canopy. Every board has 7 such 1/2″ ribbons.

You can choose from 3 colors, white, ivory and blush. Blush has a very delicate light pink color; it can provide a real princess feeling. 

The panels are made of polyester and are machine washable.

It is not the cheapest canopy curtain on the market, but the exceptional and elegant design can worth the investment.

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Ahren Bed Canopy Panels – available sizes

One size fits all (twin, twin xl, full, queen, king, california king)8 panels, each 45” W x 96” L

Nattey 4 Corners Princess Bed Curtain

Lowest price

This bed curtain provides you the feeling and protection of a canopy bed for a friendly price. You can decorate it in many ways to enhance the princess’s bed look. 

It has a classic 4 opening design for maximal comfort. Once you let down the curtains, it is completely closed and will protect you from insects. If you need a frame because you don’t have a canopy bed, you can purchase the poles from the seller.

The item has a broad color variety palette with 8 colors in a wide range from white till black. The size range is also huge; this model is available in 6 different sizes. See the table below for details.

You can clean it quickly, it should be washed with cold water, but is machine washable. Do not iron, since its fabric is polyester.

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Nattey 4 Corners Princess Bed Curtain – available sizes

Suggested for twin39″ W x 78″ L x 78″ H
Suggested for twin XL47″ W x 78″ L x 78″ H
Suggested for full57″ W x 78.5″ L x 78″ H
Suggested for queen63″ W x 84″ L x 78″ H
Suggested for king78″ W x 78″ L x 78″ H
Suggested for california king78″ W x 86″ L x 78″ H

Obokidly Four Corner Post Bed Curtain Canopy

Non-transcluent fabric

This model has a real royal feeling; it has a non-translucent microfiber material. The material can come with many designs up to your decision. It has a few patterns that can fit in a kid’s room, and with several other patterns, which are much more suitable for adults.

Once you close the curtain, you can sleep relaxed in your separated space. The material can keep your bed warmer during a colder night or even protect from sunlight. The fabric is still lightweight and breathable. 

This canopy bed fits for 3 sizes: queen, king, and California king. No matter if you don’t have a canopy, it arrives with a stainless steel frame. It has a 3 opening design; at the headboard, it is a full material.

This canopy is quite pricey but can turn your bedroom into a place you dreamed about. It is a unique elegantly draped bed canopy without a simple mosquito net feeling.

Clean it carefully, do not bleach, and keep water temperature under 40 degrees. It is allowed to wash it in a washing machine.

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Obokidly Four Corner Post Bed Curtain Canopy – available sizes

Suggested for queen59” W X 78” L X 78” H
Suggested for king78” W X 78” L X 78” H
Suggested for california king70” W X 86” L X 78” H

Bed Canopy with Fluorescent Stars

Fluorescent stars

This bed curtain is called a ceiling canopy; this is the first in this post of this style. Ceiling canopy means that you can hang it down from the ceiling with a hook and an anchor that you find in the box, and you won’t need high posts or a real canopy bed. 

On the canopy, 76 fluorescent stars are glowing in the dark and can create a calming environment. The stars are stuck firmly to the canopy and won’t fall down. These stars make this model perfect to your kid’s room, or for you if you are a real dreamer. 

The price tag on this item is more than friendly. For this amount of money, you should be satisfied with the only one size and the white color. This one size will fit a twin and a full-size bed, either. 

The product is made of polyester. The mesh is so tight (380 meshes per sq inch)  that mosquitoes can get through the net to guarantee a calm and quiet night to you or your kid.

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Bed Canopy with Fluorescent Stars – available sizes

One size fits all (recommended for twin and full size)90″ H, 400″ around the base hoop measures 22″ in diameter

I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting” – Mark Twain

Lotus Karen Contrast Color Bed Curtain

7 contrast colors

This bed canopy is another solution with some lights and in a ceiling style. But this model is much more adequate in a room of an adult than a child. It has an impressive size hoop and an elegant double layer design with contrast colors. Among the colors, you will find shades of blue, purple, and pink. On this broad range palette that contains 7 different color combo, it is sure that you can find one that fits your interior.

The canopy curtain has 3 openings to make it easier to move out of the bed.

The price label is still okay; you will find an affordable price on it. For your money, you will get the larger hoop and a double layer contrast color design for a dramatic look. Also, this curtain will fit any bed size from twin to king-size. As a great plus, you don’t need to run into the hardware shop; it arrives with the hook. As I mentioned at the beginning, the lights on the picture also are part of this listing.

At the cleaning, you should be careful. Do not bleach or rub, wash it gently with your hands in cold water and dry it in the shade.

Check Availability ❥

Lotus Karen Contrast Color Bed Curtain – available sizes

One size fits all (recommended for twin, full, queen and king size beds)Height: 110”
The diameter of the hoop 47”
Around the bottom: 470”

Mcarthur Indonesia Ethereal Dream Bed Canopy

100% cotton material

If you still didn’t find the perfect canopy curtain for your bedroom, check this ceiling solution of Bloomsbury Market. It has a luxurious touch and great material. Instead of usual polyester canopies, this one is made from cotton. So, if you prefer natural materials and an elegant look, this model is an excellent choice for you.

Thanks to the ceiling hanging stile, you won’t even need a classical high post bed to use it. About assembly, the hoop and a cord is part of the package, but you need to buy a hook and a screw separately to hang it. 

It comes just in white color but is large enough to cover any size of bed till king-size. 

It is not a cheap bed canopy. For the amount you have to spend, you will get a handmade natural material luxurious canopy that can save you from annoying mosquitos.

The manufacturer suggests only dry clean to keep this canopy in excellent condition.

Check Availability ❥

Mcarthur Indonesia Ethereal Dream Bed Canopy – available sizes

One size fits all One size fits all (recommended for twin, full, queen and king size bed)Overall dimensions: 99” H x 27.6” W
Overall product weight: 3.3 lb

I think it is good that books still exist, but they do make me sleepy.” – Frank Zappa

Lotus Karen Princess Bed Canopy

Real princess look

This style is another solution for bed curtain if you don’t prefer classical canopy beds or ceiling hanging versions. This model should be installed on the wall over the headboard of your bed. As the name of this bed canopy says, it completes a princess’s bedroom, no matter if she is a baby or a grown-up lady. 

The set includes a beautiful metal crown, the curtain in 2 pieces to provide the right opening, and a dozen of bow’s made from pink color ribbon. In the package, you will also find all the screws and holders you need for the full assembly. Set up is very easy; you can do it alone in no time.

Two colors are available, pink and grey. Be aware that the ribbon bows will be pink with both styles! This model can complete the look of every size bed, even a king-sized one.

This fancy canopy can make you feel like royalty once it gets its place over your bed. For this feeling, you have to pay a more significant amount of money. 

For your money, you don’t have to bother too much with assembly. You will get a beautiful wrought iron crown and a delicate chiffon fabric decorated with lovely bows. The curtain is machine washable and easy to remove, so it is also easy to keep it clean.

Check Availability ❥

Lotus Karen Princess Bed Canopy – available sizes

One size fits all (recommended for twin, full, queen, king sizes)Size of the crown: 13.78” H, 27.56” W
Overall weight: 4.84 lb

Closing thoughts and my favorite

The world of bed canopies is exciting and marvelous. If I could, I would buy a new one every month. It is easy to upgrade or just refresh your bedroom’s look with a piece of lovely fabric. I would need one for all the mood I use to have, for all the seasons and just to have a new one. 

I couldn’t choose one this time as my favorite. So I would like to mention two models here. One is a real bed canopy with high posts, and one is a ceiling style delicate piece.

Obokidly Four Corner Post Bed Curtain Canopy has all classical features that a canopy can have and a few more. It has a great non-transparent material with a wide variety of patterns that provides real intimacy for the sleeping area. If you close it carefully, it can keep away the insects and mosquitoes and also have a nice thermoregulator feature. An excellent choice if you want a classical style solution.

Mcarthur Indonesia Ethereal Dream Bed Canopy is hanging from the ceiling elegantly, it has an airy and modern look. Soft, 100% cotton material doesn’t provide a pure net feeling, but is also perfect keeping away the mosquitoes. This one can be the perfect finish of a modern coastal style bedroom.

I hope you enjoyed the post and can find your first or new bed canopy among my picks! 

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